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Health, Safety & Code of Conduct

Welcome to South Pole Dance Studio in Invercargill, where your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. To maintain a respectful and secure environment for everyone, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following rules and conduct while at our studio:

Respectful Arrival: Upon your arrival, please keep noise to a minimum and be considerate of ongoing classes.


Jewelry Removal: For your safety and the preservation of our equipment, remove all jewelry, especially rings, before using our facilities. Ensure safe storage for your jewelry to prevent loss.


Privacy and Consent: Refrain from taking photos or videos of other members without their prior consent, and be mindful of anyone in the background of your content. By attending classes at South Pole Dance Studio, you consent to the use of images and videos taken by us for promotional purposes, provided verbal consent is obtained. Your support helps us showcase the vibrant community and exciting experiences at South Pole Dance Studio.


Safe Participation: Participate in a way that is safe for both yourself and others. Inform your instructor of any injuries or conditions you may have to ensure a safer class experience.


Seek Assistance: If you're unsure about any activity's safety, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance. We're here to help.


Use Safety Measures: Use crash mats and instructor spotting for new or potentially dangerous activities. Always follow safe practices near walls, mirrors, other poles, and fellow members.


Access: Do not allow non-members into the studio without prior consent. Only members booked into scheduled classes via MindBody are permitted to enter. Unauthorised access poses safety risks and is prohibited.


Child Supervision: Children are not allowed in the facility due to safety concerns. In exceptional cases, consult with an instructor and supervise them closely. 


Attire: Dress comfortably, and feel free to wear proper pole dancing shoes if you prefer. We recommend following attire suggestions mentioned in class descriptions since different disciplines call for different clothes for comfortable participation in an activity.


Belongings: The studio has lockers for hire for $25 per year, subject to availability. If you lose the key, you're responsible for a replacement fee. Store belongings neatly to avoid obstructions. 


Avoid Trip Hazards: Keep personal items at the room's perimeters to prevent trip hazards.


No Smoking or Substances: Smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the facility and surrounding areas. Do not bring illegal substances onto the premises.

Cleaning Responsibility: Bring towel for cleaning poles when participating is pole dance classes and wipe down poles with provided cleaning fluid after each use. 


Equipment Organisation: Return all equipment to its designated place after use, leaving the studio clean and ready for the next class. Do not tamper with, remove, or replace any equipment in the facility.


Respectful Conduct: Treat instructors and fellow members with respect and consideration. Inappropriate behavior, harassment, or discrimination is strictly prohibited. If we find you conducting yourself in a way that jeopardises the health and safety of you or others, or you breach any of our rules that causes a detrimental effect to the Facility (or any of its instructors or other Members) we may expel you from the Facility and/or terminate your Membership.

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